About Us

No two women are exactly alike. Many of us do, however spend endless amounts of energy making this world go round. We never stop doing, fixing, helping, healing, nurturing, educating, or moving. In Spring 2000, SoftWalk Shoes debuted with a line of footwear for women that can only be described as "The Ultimate Comfort Experience".

SoftWalk shoes were created on the belief that a better footbed makes a better shoe. Our patented eggcrate footbed is quality technology and comfort you can see and feel the second you slip them on. The unique interaction of the design's multi-layers absorbs the stress of standing or walking while offering cushioned support from heel to toe. In keeping with our vow of comfort and quality, we strive to bring this shoe nirvana to as many women as possibly by offering our footwear in up to 6 widths and 15 sizes.

SoftWalk Style defies the "comfort" label of its name; soft leathers with perfect details, trendy wedges and heels, and colors to perfectly match your wardrobe. Our secret is listening to our customers. You want to hear "cute shoes!" regularly, and we want you to feel like you are walking on a pillow while you hear it.

You’re changing the world and breaking the mold; SoftWalk will be with you every step of the way.

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